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519 Evaluation of Socio-Cultural Factors Influencing Consumer Buying Behaviour of Clothes in Borno State, Nigeria Lawan A. Lawan1, Ramat Zanna2 1Department of Marketing, Ramat Polytechnic, P.M.B 1070, Maiduguri, Borno State, Nigeria. Using cultural, social, environmental and attitudinal factors, the paper explain how these factors have contributed to the low heath status of rural societies. 1. Obesity is socio-culturally distributed, i.e., the prevalence of obesity is known to vary according to socio-cultural factors, including socio-economic position (SEP), social roles and circumstance, and cultural factors. 8, No. some socio-cultural factors in Osogbo, Nigeria. 2002), sociocultural factors are seen as powerful determinants of body image development. 557-562. Thompson and his colleagues have proposed and evaluated a Tripartite Influence Model (Keery, van den Berg, & Thompson, 2004; Thompson et al., 1999). Socio-cultural factors play a major role in the marketing strategy of a business. The World Health organization (WHO) in 1961 described housing as the provision of any physical structures usually used for shelter. This study investigates sociocultural theory’s cen- Socio-cultural factors such as religion, beliefs, food preferences, gender discrimination, education and womens' employment all have a noticeable influence on food consumption patterns in this region. socio-cultural factors influencing participation of women are: traditions, beliefs and land tenure. KEYWORDS: Socio-Cultural Factors Girl-Child Education, Ihiala Local Government Area, INTRODUCTION The blueprint on women education (1998) stated that “The belief persist that the place of a woman is in the home. Mass media, especially televised food advertisements, play … Finally, relatively little has been written on factors influencing child nutrition. Moreover, socio-cultural factors are beyond the control of foreign subsidiaries’ managers. Sociocultural factors are the larger scale forces within cultures and societies that affect the thoughts, feelings and behaviors. THEORETICAL ISSUES Four concepts shall be recognized and discussed in this paper. Socio-Cultural factors affecting Women Economic Empowerment in Pakistan: A Situation Analysis Abubakar Nazeer Choudhry, Rozita Abdul Mutalib, Nur Syakiran Akmal Ismail School of Government, Universiti Utara Malaysia Email (corresponding author): Abstract Women empowerment is a global key concern in terms of development. Fig. Anomie is possibly the only one of the nine unfamiliar to readers, but it is defined in some detail below. 3, pp. Corpus ID: 14739016. Keywords: Influence, Socio-Cultural Factors, Attitudes, Learners, Integrated Educational Programme. Hence, the The socio-cultural factors as used in this study include – cultural bias, gender stereotype and negative perceptions about the ability of the girl child referred to as weaker vessel, good at domestics and less stressful ventures is crucial for ICT engagement by the female child. A desk study . socio-cultural and school based factors that are affecting student‟s performance in KCSE in Isiolo County. This study attempts to explain the socio-cultural factors influencing student’s career choice in Kosofe Local Government area of Lagos State. This study was designed to assess the impact of a socio-cultural factor, the slaughtering of high numbers of sheep on occasion of Eid al-Adha, on the transmission of Taenia … Socio-cultural Background Factors Affecting the Grade 3 Learners’ Acquisition of English Literacy (Reading) Skills in Mthatha Education District of South Africa. The impact of socio-cultural factors on entrepreneurial development in Nigeria @article{Onodugo2015TheIO, title={The impact of socio-cultural factors on entrepreneurial development in Nigeria}, author={Vincent Aghaegbunam Onodugo and Chris Ifeanyi Onodugo}, journal={African Educational Research Journal}, year={2015}, volume={3}, pages={246-254} } In fact, the whole idea of marketing is to connect with the existing customers, and to reach out to potential customers.

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