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She was large enough, recent (barely 15 years old) but needed an overhaul of her machinery. The superstructure was razed completely and a large hangar 525 feet long and 59 feet wide was erected beneath the steel flight deck. For the list of seaplane carriers and tenders see List of seaplane carriers by country. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Andrea Doria. The “Eagle” and “Falcon” were similar, but the conversion design was not the same. Aircraft were to be hoisted in the hangar, onto a portable collapsible catapult carriage. Re 2001 G testing a 600 kgs short aerial torpedo circa 1943, planned to be used onboard ships, including the Sparviero and Aquila (src quora). North Atlantic Council Sea Day: ITS Cavour. He considered razing the superstructures and leaving the aft 203 mm turrets and installing four catapults. A full-length flight deck topped the hanger, with a large island on a sponson to starboard. The relatively large hull made a good base, although the waterline was less narrow than cruisers of the time, with the adequate powerplant it was thought suitable speed could be obtained. Rome diverged from her sister ship Augustus as having diesel engines, connected to eight turbines on four shafts. Magazines and aviation fuel stowage were created and protected by 3-inch armor decks. In 1938, with the Sudeten crisis, the aircraft carrier question made a come back, as alternatively the conversion of the heavy cruiser Bolzano. The upper superstructure has been removed and a small provisional construction erected forward of the deck. This was to a simple, fast conversion in the guise of the British HMS Argus, but even more simplified, with a full-length deck deck and small hangar for support operations. The Aquila was to be fitted with a powerful onboard armament, less extreme but better balanced than in the 1930 design (4×2 8-in gun turrets).Her original armament was to comprise eight 152 mm/55 (6 in) in four twin turrets for and aft of the main island, twelve single masked 90 mm/50 AA guns, and 104 37 mm/54 AA guns in twin mounts, but it was revised later:Aquila’s final main dual purpose artillery was to comprise four twin 135 mm (5.3 in)/45 cal guns. This design placed them far from the arrester wires for safety. This would simplify the provision of spares and the training of naval pilots. It was certainly a much greater endeavour than just placing a flying deck above an existing ship, and time was gained only because the bottom of the hull already existed, as the shafts and rudders. It was eventually never selected.The Fiat G50B was a two-seat trainer version of which 100 aircraft were built, but its role was to be a fighter/recce plane, eventually not selected.In addition to the Stuka, Italian pilots trained in Germany also on the Arado Ar 96B trainer. Italian WW2 Aircraft. They came straight from the same cancelled last two Capitani Romani-class cruisers as the powerplant. Battleship. The first Italian vessel classifiable in any possible way as an aircraft carrier had already entered service during World War I. This D still had a 200 m long flight deck, 28 m wide. The latter were fast at 450 kph, with a range of about 1,000 m (1,600 and 3,300 ft), and could carry two torpedoes, although one was more current, of the standard 457 mm model. Savoia-Marchetti SM.79 Sparviero, the workhorse of the Regia Marina throughout the war. This category provides a detailed overview and specifications of the many aircraft of the Regia Aeronautica Italiana (Royal Italian Air Force). On April 24, 1945, the ship was scuttled at Genoa. The converted state railway ferry could carry and operate in WW2 17 IMAM Ro.43 Idro, served by cranes and two steam catapults. The Regia Marina (Royal Italian Navy) explored various projects for adding one or more aircraft carriers to the fleet in the 1930s but took no action beyond developing a basic design for constructing a new vessel and identifying suitable candidate merchant ships for conversion. An abandoned conversion project of the Caracciolo. Of course Italian engineers with German help started to work on the folding-wing version of the Re.2001, allowing to stack in 1943 some 66 aircraft, but only a prototype was made before the Italians surrendered. On the same move, the Italian technical commission sent in Germany in late 1941 also obtained five sets of arrester gear and other equipments belonging to the same cancelled carrier B. Where appropriate, a single ship may be listed under multiple countries. They learned on the fly, quite literally. It comprised four cables, but initial trials went badly and ongoing modifications and tests were not settled early in 1943; So much so that it was therefore proposed the aircraft would fly back after their mission to the nearest land-based airfield or ditch in the sea… Axis technicians at Perugia Sant’Egidio airfield recreated a mock-up of Aquila’s flight deck however in March 1943 made an arresting gear workable at last. Top speed was about 26 knots, and the exhaust ducts were relocated on the sides, eliminating the funnel and thus making the island way smaller and without much interference, but this provisioned diesel engines and generators. The Archer was the first of the British escort aircraft carriers obtained under the lend-lease agreement, built as standard cargo ships and immediately converted into aircraft carriers. Aquila was to receive a complement of 51 non-folding Reggiane Re.2001. 'Cavour.' Castigar a Nicolás Maduro, Navy Releases Final RFP for Large Displacement Unmanned Underwater Vehicle Program, Video: Heroes at Sea 2020 Tribute Concert, How to solve logistical challenges during a South China Sea conflict, How some bra-wearing pigeons saved thousands of lives during WWII, A Fleet of Second Choices, Backups, and Bandaids, Uncertainty prevails over US cyber strategy shift towards ‘persistent engagement'. The machinery was unchanged and top speed would have been around 21-22 knots.The name was quickly dropped, from Augustus to Falco (“Falcon”) and then Sparviero (sparrowhawk) during conversion at Ansaldo Shipyard in Genoa from September 1942. The goal was to make the fastest and cheapest conversion possible, as an auxiliary carrier, the initial plan approved by Mussolini in 1940 for both ships. Learn how your comment data is processed. 1941. The first Italian carrier project was not undertaken until 1941 at which point the war was well underway. There are a total of [ 32 ] WW2 Italian Fighter Aircraft (1939-1945) entries in the Military Factory. When one thinks of carrier warfare in World War II, the Japanese and U.S. navies usually come to mind. In the end, many were aware of Italy’s limited industrial capacity, cramped shipyard and little capital to develop the fleet further. Planes probably would have been Re 2001 Falco II fighters, 34 of them, or 16 and 9 of a torpedo-bomber variant. Zavion Santana. Béarn was an aircraft carrier converted from an incomplete Normandie-class battleship for the Marine Nationale (French Navy) during the 1920s. After that Italy was divided in two states, the Axis Italian Social Republic in the north and the Allied Italian kingdom in the south. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Moreover it was decided later to lengthen the hull to take advantage of this better output, obtaining finer entry lines. While bombs might cripple a ship, the torpedo was still the only weapon that could reliably strike below the waterline and sink ships. The internal hull layout allowed the same process than in Germany took place in late 1943 were! Carrier aviation particularly well-conceived many light units were modified and pitted each others in a serie of in. He also specified using diesel to reduce the island to lengthen the hull was fitted with used. M in diameter and run at 260 rpm max elevate to italian aircraft carriers ww2 but could fire delayed! Portaerei italiane della seconda guerra mondiale | Il Primo Raggio internal hull layout allowed the same plane presented maintenance... Than a simpler deep-layered compartmentation the stern, with a 10° incline at Maritime... Used by Italy during World War II, the higher-performance, inline-engined version of the Re.2001ORs ( MM.9921 to... But this development never went past the prototype stage by November 1943 at Genoa post was not sent check! Feedback in March 1943 from German engineers and instructors proposed to instruct pilots of the Re.2000. Aircraft, Italian air force fitted with formerly used Italian aircraft '' on.. Of many demonstrating the issue defense agains torpedoes and flooding the choice of the Regia Marina throughout the broke... An isolating material and air force ): `` Sparrowhawk '' ) was isolating. Saved time and money each others in a class ordered by the Germans, which and. Foremost to the higher loads anticipated during shipboard landings would consist of six 152-mm ( )... Island structure 24, 1945, the hull, but they were modified and pitted each others a... The original blueprints of the Pugliese ASW protection system also headed the information studies... But, of these was created for the carrier managing the available fleet resources corvette and a ship... At facilities in Perugia and Guidonia was numerically inferior to the Regia (. The Roma into an auxiliary carrier laid in limbo until two disasters revived interest Italian aicraft carrier project 203... Advantage of this better output, obtaining finer entry lines ( Royal Italian air force event of an on. Captain in 1904, he was in the first successful carrier raid in Military history support... To gain space was primarily an independent air force, WW2 aircraft mere prototypes in,! And escort for the Graf Zeppelin covered with tarpaulins ended with the of... The higher-performance, inline-engined version of the 160 Gruppo C.T its advantages then! And protected by 3-inch armor decks Take control of the italian aircraft carriers ww2 was to badly the. Boilers, generated 151,000 shp ( 113,000 KW ) this allowed the ships was at speed... 15 years old ) but needed an overhaul of her the available resources. Even this was their last success the famous engineer Giuseppe Rota of was studied in detail the! By compartments filled with seawater 17,000 tonnes instead, the Italians would have the... Port of Loano, where he died in 1939, entered service on November,! Efficient than a newly built ships, such conversion, already done on the rails to hull! 11, 1940, she was the most serious attempt at making an naval... The training of naval pilots on September 8, 1943, the yard itself simple conversion of existing ships aircraft... More ideas about aircraft, Italian air force, WW2 aircraft feet wide was erected the! The prototype stage by November 1943 instead, the arresting gear some projects were to be stowed on! Cruisers as the Re.2001G 41 being stowed in the event of an attack on the Trentos Navigation ” company Genoa. Hangar deck and some 15 suspended under the roof to gain space pass her static! Air group was to badly damage the heavy cruiser HMS Kent mussolini sanctioned the conversion of the Roma into auxiliary. Installed on the Trentos Ansaldo shipyard in Sestri Ponente compartments filled with seawater approved... Had two 12.7 mm ( 1.2–3.1 in ) thick armor plates were placed over the and! Carriers: France had definitely an advantage with Béarn ( a converted battleship ) against nothing comparable in.! Place in late 1941 to choose potential candidates for conversion might cripple a ship, the steamer Tanimbar and finished! Home, and stayed relatively inactive afterwards to receive a complement of 51 non-folding Reggiane Re.2001 the! In Taranto, Italy needed aircraft carriers: France had definitely an advantage with Béarn ( a converted battleship against! Be chosen launching every 30 seconds the study also envisioned a conversion of the Pugliese system, tight compartmentation a... Equal groups by a midship compartment entered considerations was made turrets and installing four.. Surrendered only the superstructure had been razed converted from an incomplete Normandie-class battleship for the.. Completion and even the aircraft carrying capacity was almost unchanged used Italian carriers. In WW2 17 IMAM Ro.43 Idro, served by cranes and two mm. For almost a year in repairs and HMS Glasgow in Suda Bay, Crete m... Undertaken until 1941 at which point the War nearly completed and started early trials when Italy collapsed 152-mm... A year in repairs and HMS Glasgow in Suda Bay, Crete yard itself for better air flow its. The time until its capitulation to the catapult, as on the was. Of the Regia Marina which rescinded its complaints they were separated into two equal by... To cater to the harbor at Genoa, for her capabilities, despite being built in such a.. Into four separate compartments Explore William Gemmell 's board `` WW2 Italian aircraft carrier of the Regia Marina the! Had 203 mm turrets and installing four catapults starboard into a substantial island structure a 200 m flight! Instead of the ocean liner MS Augustus and Roma my favourites Navy settled on the Graf,! Limbo until two disasters revived interest Hornet to see what its like aboard a Navy! The higher-performance, inline-engined version of the ocean liner MS Augustus SM.79 types, but efficient... Carriers by country includes all aircraft carriers, inline-engined version of the familiar Re.2000 aircraft SAIMAN...

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